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Enva increases UK’s recycled plastic compound production

The investment at the company’s facility in Lincolnshire includes a new extruder unit that will enable Enva to produce over 2000 tonnes of extruded compound per month. This will allow UK and international manufacturers to further increase their use of recycled material in products and reduce their reliance on virgin resources.

Enva recycles and recovers 85% of all the small waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) generated in the UK every year. State-of-the-art waste separation technologies are used to sort waste plastics which are then converted into a range of high-quality regrinds and compounds. These compounds, which have comparable quality and characteristic’s as virgin plastics, can then be reused in the manufacturer of electrical goods including TV’s, Monitors, kettles, toasters or vacuum cleaners amongst other products and components.

Commenting on the increased availability of recycled material, Enva Plastics General Manager, Steve Bell, said: “Manufacturers recognise the need to develop more sustainable supply chains and reduce their dependence upon virgin materials. This investment makes us the UK’s largest supplier of extruded compounds from WEEE enabling our customers to further increase their use of recycled plastic and realise the associated environmental and commercial benefits. It will also give us greater capability to custom match the colour or physical properties of compounds to our customers’ specific requirements.”

The increase in extruded compound will also significantly reduce the amount of material being sold as ‘regrind’, adding further value to this important secondary resource.