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Investing in aluminium packaging sorting and recycling pays off

A recent study by HTP performed for the Packaging Group of European Aluminium clearly demonstrates that it really pays off to invest in aluminium packaging sorting and recycling.

Both Andy Doran, chairman of the Packaging Group and Michael Langen of HTP, a leading German consultancy on waste management, stated that by using a second Eddy Current Separator for the aluminium fraction in a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) or sorting station for lightweight packaging, 30% more aluminium can be sorted, up to a level of 89%. With the installation of an additional induction sensor sorter or a robot sorter, another 4-6% aluminium containing packaging can be easily sorted for recycling. And the depreciation time for such investments stays within a reasonable period of 3 to 4 years. Presentations from two European leading companies in advanced sorting technologies Steinert and Tomra also demonstrated that these innovative sorting tools make a real difference.

Mattia Pellegrini, Head of the Waste Unit of EU Commission DG Environment mentioned that ‘’The new European Circular Economy Action Plan mandates the EU to work on an integrated approach to packaging, including the circulation of all packaging we use, keeping it in the economy and out of the environment’’.
Member of the European Parliament Maria Spyraki added: “The COVID-19 crisis makes the circular economy more relevant than ever. Raw materials are not inexhaustible. Repairability, recyclability, reusability and remanufacturing are the main opportunities in resilience!”
“We call upon local authorities and waste management companies to make the necessary investments in order to be prepared for the new European recycling targets for packaging and a separate target for used aluminium packaging. On top, we are asking for a European harmonisation of the national waste collection level, while taking into account regional differences and respecting clear sorting instructions for the citizens”, concluded Andy Doran.