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Joint forces to enable circular business models

Stock clothing - A collection jeans, sweaters, jackets in modern distribution warehouse in the mall. Inventory, logistic, export concept. Foto: WCRS Ltd.

Circle Economy announces the strategic partnership of Fashion for Good, the global initiative to make all fashion good, with its Switching Gear project. The initiative aims to accelerate re-commerce and rental business models in the apparel industry. The project will work with 6 brands on a circular innovation process that will help them to design and launch these new types of business model pilots by 2021.

Through this partnership, Circle Economy and Fashion for Good will establish a powerful, global network of over 50 frontrunning solution providers and innovators, brands, and rental and re-commerce experts to exchange insights and tangible solutions to move the apparel industry towards circular business models that can create a positive impact for people and the environment. Circle Economy proudly confirms the following first founding members of the Enabling Network: Eileen Fisher,Gibbon, MUD jeans, Reflaunt, RePack, Stuffstr, Style Lend, The Next Closet, The Renewal Workshop.

“We are very excited to build the Switching Gear network together with Fashion for Good. We strongly believe that connecting a powerful and active community of brands, solutions providers and experts is key to advancing the practical implementation of circular business models in the market”, says Gwen Cunningham, Programme Lead of Circle Economy.

The network, supported by C&A Foundation, is part of the Bridging the Gap initiative, a group of six organisations working to stimulate sector-wide collaboration, facilitate innovative technologies and the design of best practices to enable the implementation of circular business models in the fashion industry’s supply chain.