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Linz AG aquires new Lindner’s Miura 1500

The Miura’s high performance and quality was so impressive, it soon led to another order for a mobile primary shredder. Now, once again, Linz AG opted for Lindner Recyclingtech and the Miura 1500 shredder – this time the recently launched DK version with crawler tracks.

With over 3,000 people working for the Austrian company, Linz AG is one of the largest multi-utility providers in this industrial region along the River Danube. Linz AG’s tasks include the supply of energy and drinking water, the provision of telecommunications solutions, public transport and the management of wastewater and waste. The company has been relying on Lindner’s equipment for its waste management since 2010. What began with several of Lindner’s secondary shredders from the Komet series has now grown into a complete set with mobile primary shredders from the Miura series. In the end, the deciding factor was the machines’ high flexibility.

Thanks to Lindner’s FX fast exchange system, the cutting unit can be changed on site in a minimum amount of time and adapted to suit different shredding needs – from special shafts for shredding waste wood to obtain standardised particle sizes for energy recovery to particularly robust tools for mixed construction waste. Ing. Franz Grottenthaler, Operations Manager adds: ‘As a regional waste management company in an industrial region, we have to process a wide variety of materials. In addition to MSW and bulky waste, we also process a great deal of C&I waste. With the Miura shredder the great advantage is that we can react very quickly to the most varied input materials of different grades. As we often have to process tough materials with non-shreddables, robustness is, of course, also crucial. That’s where the Miura shredder truly outshone the competition. For our latest purchase we decided on the new crawler-tracked version. This gives us the additional advantage that we can manoeuvre the machine comfortably without having to have additional equipment on site.’

In addition to the new version with a tracked chassis and Lindner’s typical sturdiness, the latest Miura 1500 sports powerful and economical Scania Euro-5 engines and highly efficient hydraulic components to ensure one thing above all else: maximum productivity in mobile twin-shaft shredding.