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New generation of Hammel shredders

The machine is characterized by the modified shredding unit with 2-meter-long shredding shafts. Bulky and large-volume material such as clamping plates and bulky waste is drawn in even better and can easily be charged by a wheel loader.

The interlocking knives of the now extended shafts are designed in such a way that multifunctional shredding is possible, i. e. processing of waste wood and fresh wood, root stocks, railway sleepers, bulky, commercial and household waste as well as old tires and aluminium.

Therefore, the Hammel company is responding to the market demand of customers who nowadays do not only need to shred a specific material but they are forced to work with a variety of materials.

A neodymium magnet separates ferrous metals. This is installed in a modified position on the discharge belt and enables even more optimal metal separation. Through the lightweight construction of the neodymium magnet the machine’s overall weight remains the same as the one of the previous shredder model. The newly designed discharge belt achieves a discharge height of approx. 4,600 mm. This enables the formation of large-volume material store or the end product can be conveyed directly into containers or trucks.

The shredder achieves a higher throughput due to both items; its new CAT C9.3 – stage 5 motor with the powerful 380 HP and its hydraulics of the most recent generation.

The machine is currently on a demo tour and it is being tested in a wide variety of materials.

The shredder models VB 750 D (semi-mobile on hook lift) and VB 750 E (stationary with electric drive) will be converted to the “long version” of shafts in a short period of time. They will soon be on the market too.