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Philips PDS helping hotels reduce e-waste

The decision to allow older models to be upgraded, will open all the latest entertainment, control and security features to new and existing models, maximising return on investment and reducing the frequency of replacements, for a more positive environmental impact.

Latest figures show a record breaking 53.6 million metric tons of e-waste in 2019, up 21 per cent since 2014. Some figures suggest as many as 800 laptops are discarded every second, whilst each year in the UK, an estimated two million TVs are dumped, many of which are fully working but simply deemed out-dated and worthless.

Part of Philips PDS’ ongoing commitment to improving its own and its customers’ green credentials, its MediaSuite Android-powered TVs – found in hotels and hospitals around the world – now get better with age, with regular updates bringing a consistent, high-performing experience, regardless of when the TV was purchased.

Commenting on the announcement, Franck Racape, Commercial Vice President EMEA, said: “At Philips PDS we are committed to creating a more sustainable path forward for the AV industry. One that brings benefits to all of our customers, reducing carbon footprints and the effects we are seeing from every type of waste. From reimagining packaging through to extending product lifetimes, sustainability is a key requirement for our customers and a clear deliverable achieved with these updates.”

Jeroen Verhaeghe, Global Product Manager for Professional TVs, commented: “With MediaSuite and our Extended Lifetime guarantee, hotel TVs get better with age, ensuring greater return on investment and the ultimate, uncompromised TV viewing experience for every guest in every room.”

Available now, the latest Android 9 (P) TV update can be installed either remotely or manually via software downloaded onto a dedicated USB stick from