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Promac creates new single point of contact sales and service role in Ireland

Promac Group has created a dedicated new technical sales and service role in the Republic and Northern Ireland.

Part of Promac’s continuing programme of investment in customer support and service, Chris Curran rejoins the machinery specialist in a newly created post of Technical Sales Manager Ireland.

With extensive expertise in factory planning, machinery installation and maintenance, the new post sees him assume responsibility for machinery sales, installation and through life machinery support.

He said: “From a customer perspective they’re getting a single point of contact for all of their machinery requirements – but they’re also getting the right advice and support.

“I have a background as an engineer but also in production, which is a huge advantage when working with customers.

“The other major win is – and this is where Promac is unique – is that we have the machinery range and expertise to support customers in planning and identifying the right platform for their requirement. It’s not about selling what we have but what’s going to work for them.”

Chris rejoins Promac Group from his previous role as Engineering Manager at Antrim super-fabricator Camden, experience which he argues, has given him a unique insight into the window and door manufacture.

“Camden is an incredible business. They manufacture 6,000 windows and doors and eight to 10,000 units of glass a week. It’s professionally run, there are daily production management team meetings and that’s given me real insight into process”, he said.

“As an engineer working with fabricators and glass processors previously, I had naturally picked up an understanding of the production process but the time I spent with Camden as Engineering Manager has massively strengthened my knowledge.”

Promac offers a complete factory planning and process management service as part of its machinery sales offer. This includes the review of established processes to identify opportunities for improvement, reducing waste, over-production and excess processing and reviewing the movement of product and work flow, to maximise efficiency.

“We don’t just dump the machine in a space.  We work with the customer to understand their production flow right down to the point that if I’m the operative with a product in my hand, where do I start, where do I go next, how do we minimize transportation and movement of product?” Chris said.

“It comes down to the right platform in the right place. The extent of our offer means that Promac is unique in being able to identify the requirement and deliver the right machinery to meet it, that’s the culture that’s promoted to through the business and what I’m here to do.”