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RecyClass doubles capacity to certify recycled plastics content

The certification is geared at determining the actual shares of recycled content in plastic. To allow for the maximum transparency the Certifications are issued by independent third-party auditors who ensure reliable assessments and impartiality. Since its official launch in July last year the number of recognized auditors has more than doubled, representing today twenty-five auditors from twenty-one certification bodies from across Europe.

“This interest is a clear signal”, said Gian de Belder, Technical Director – R&D Packaging Sustainability at P&G and Advisory Board Chairman at RecyClass, he continued: “the industry as well as the actors of the plastics value chain are looking for reliable schemes to demonstrate and report on their sustainability goals in a coherent manner, he added, “and RecyClass meets their demands”.

The objective of the RecyClass Recycled Plastics Traceability Certification is to provide a transparent assessment of the incorporation of recycled content in products for companies looking for making verified environmental claims. It is destined to any company which plays a part in the value chain of plastics including but not limited to compounders, converters, blow moulders and brand owners. Beyond value chain it also brings trust in the recycled material to consumers.

The Certification bodies who recently joined the RecyClass Recycled Plastics Traceability scheme include: lms consulting in Austria; ecocycle GmbH, QHSE cert GmbH, Sachverstaendigenbuero Widmayer GmbH, ZN ZertifizierungsNetzwerk GmbH and HTP GmbH & Co. KG in Germany as well as, KPMG, AJIU & AIMPLAS in Spain, and lastly, DQS Hellas Ltd. and DQS doo Belgrade both in Greece and Serbia.