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Tomra Recycling invites to webinar on aluminum recycling

The aluminum recycling industry is constantly evolving and adapting to an increasing demand for this highly versatile material which results, among others, from a rise in electronic vehicle production, the trend towards more lightweight cars and the outstanding features this non-ferrous metal brings to numerous industries. A rise in demand offers a valuable proposition for the industry as it strongly encourages a more sustainable production which, in turn, supports the industry on its progress towards greener aluminum production.

Tomra’s webinar will further explore the future of the global aluminum recycling industry and detail how recycling can build the bridge between market pull and the industry push for greener aluminum.

In the 45 minutes live session, attendees can look forward to learning more about the aluminum recycling industry in general and recent innovations in sensor-based sorting technology, which will be highlighted by Tomra’s Segment Managers Metal Recycling, Tom Jansen and Terence Keyworth. In addition, Patrik Ragnarsson, Senior Manager Automotive and Transport at European Aluminium, will address the general trends in the automotive sector, especially with regards to the increase in electronic vehicle production, and will also detail the role aluminium plays within the sector. First-hand experiences in the scrap recycling landscape and the importance of having advanced technologies in place will be highlighted by Edward George, Commercial Manager at Alutrade Ltd.

A closing and interactive Q&A session at the end of the webinar which will provide an opportunity to explore specific topics in more detail.