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New Manager at Weser-Metall

Konraad “Koen” Demesmaeker is the new Managing Director of Weser-Metall in Nordenham. He will replace Matthias Compes, appointed in October 2018, as from 1st July 2019. Matthias Compes completed on schedule his term as interim manager of WMG, Recylex’s subsidiary that operates the Group’s lead smelter in northern Germany.Sebastian Rudow, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Recylex SA since autumn 2017, highlighted the merits of this 54-year-old manager: “He has done an excellent job of reorganizing the company and ensured the success of the last major investment, our new reduction furnace, at the Nordenham site. We owe him a lot of gratitude.”

Within the Group, Koen Demesmaeker recently worked very actively as a consultant on the improvement of industrial processes at the new reduction furnace. Koen Demesmaeker has international experience in the recycling and raw materials industry. Before joining Weser-Metall as Managing Director, he held positions in Belgium, Brazil, Germany, China and the United States (notably at Métallurgie Hoboken, Société Générale des Minerais, Umicore, EverZinc or Glencore).

Koen grew up in Antwerp, Belgium. In addition to his mother tongue, Flemish, he is fluent in German, English and French. His main mission will be to continue to ensure that production at the Nordenham site meets the highest standards of quality and efficiency. His professional expertise and commitment to process improvement at the reduction furnace level have demonstrated that he is the right man for the job.