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Reconditioned recycling plants and components from Erema subsidiary

Since the company’s founding in 2016, it has sold than 60 machines and components. One of them was recently delivered to Avangard Innovative’s Natura PCR recycling plant in Texas (USA).

The new recycling plant processes LDPE and LLDPE film into high-quality PCR recycled pellets. This is done by an Intarema 1714 TVEplus® plant. UMAC factory-reconditioned the previously owned machine in terms of technology and appearance. UMAC also adapted it to meet the customer’s special requirements by equipping it with twin EREMA laser filters. This high-performance filtering system ensures consistently high throughputs even with high levels of contamination. Then they tested it thoroughly. “Our flexibility and the fact that we were able to deliver this high-quality Erema recycling machine at short notice were decisive purchasing arguments for the customer,” says Umac Managing Director Markus Stölnberger.

Jon Stephens, President at Natura PCR, LLC – an Avangard Innovative company, confirms this impression: “When we needed to add additional capacity with increased demand for our PCR, UMAC was able to provide the best solution. They not only were able to provide a machine that fits our application, but they were able to modify it and deliver to us in an unbelievable short period.”

Thanks to its global network, Umac is able to source previously owned recycling plants and components to recondition them for resale. Customers benefit from UMAC’s rapid and uncomplicated processing of both the sale of the equipment its subsequent purchase. In addition, the company can draw on the comprehensive recycling know-how of the entire Erema Group when reconditioning and adapting the machines. “We deliver the best quality, available rapidly at a very attractive price-performance ratio. The constant increase in demand shows us that we are on the right track,” says Stölnberger.